Staring at Maps…

It’s how I spend so many hours; it’s how I plan and plot, anticipate and arrange.

In May 2013, life delivered me from an ugly situation to a freeing realization. Opened up, I suddenly acknowledged what I’ve been yearning for my whole life, and decided to make it my reality.

In September 2014, I bought my first car and set out on a journey. The road dictates my life, and I never know too far in advance where I’ll be in a few months. I like it this way.

Right now I spend my days working for room and board on farms and homesteads, using sites like WWOOFUSA and HelpX to find gigs. I enjoy the opportunities to learn and become more self-sustainable. I enjoy working with my hands and helping good causes. When I’m not “freelance farming,” you may find me making new friends in big cities, or marveling at the cosmos in the middle of wild America.

Staring at Maps is a place for travelers, whether you’re the literal or armchair type. It’s a place to learn about the full-time traveling lifestyle, destinations, routes, gear, and adventures.

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Megg n Map

Megg has been traveling full-time since September 2014 and shows no signs of stopping. Her interests and endeavors include the artistic, musical, literary, culinary, and nomadic. She’s a proud nerd, doesn’t like to plan too far in advance, and her hair is usually a mess. If you have any questions, comments, donations, or business inquiries, you can contact her at staringatmaps @ gmail .com

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